Apna Ghar

Up to 150,000


This will be long term finance primarily to be disbursed to those existing micro-businesses who do not have a place of their own. APNA Ghar as the name suggests, would be for purchasing, construction or improvement of homes and micro-business places. These finances will only be disbursed in the administratively approved Katchi Abadis (Shanty Towns) where the government has allowed / is allowing finance / registration of property. This product will be a single finance which will provide the borrower with a work place as well as shelter to his family. In addition to this NMFBL will also finance for buying, construction or improvements of homes.


  • NIC 2 Photo Copies
  • Passport Size Photos 2 Photos
  • Copies of Latest Utility Bills
  • Two Personal Guarantee from reputed Account holder


  • ATM Card (Optional)
  • Full range of banking services.
  • Imbedded Life & Assets Insurance cover.
  • Minimum processing time. (Less than seven days).

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About Us

Apna Microfinance Bank is managed by Group of highly experienced bankers committed and specialized in providing financial services to less privileged / marginal poor including economic empowerment of WOMEN & micro-entrepreneurs in the Agri and Micro enterprises in rural areas of Pakistan.


Apna Microfinance Bank Limited
23 – A, Sunderdas Road, (Thandi Sarak) Zaman Park, Lahore.




Jama Punji